Welcome human, to the online identity of
Klara Lindner


Service Design

I uncover people’s needs aspirations and behavior and investigate and visualize how they experience products or services. I plan, conduct and synthesize qualitative research, map pain points and opportunities. Together, we ideate and test new concepts and ultimately build a sustainable solution around it.

Lean Start-up

New (business) concepts need to be validated before launching. We define critical assumptions, formulate hypotheses and carry out low-budget experiments so that you focus on what is most important.

I can also support you with agile practices like project planning and communication in flat hierarchies or I facilitate teambuilding, design sprints and retrospectives.

Experiential Learning

I am an advocate for learner-centered education. I love to design and facilitate creative learning spaces, in which playfulness, psychological safety and connection are as important as the content.

Case Studies


I deliver my work in writing, talking, consulting or coaching. Recent outputs are a book chapter for This is service design doing, getting scientists from Helmholtz AI excited about entrepreneurship and co-creating Wikimedia’s UNLOCK Accelerator.