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Klara Lindner

Areas of Expertise

Service Design

I uncover people’s needs aspirations and behavior and investigate and visualize how they experience products or services. I plan, conduct and synthesize qualitative research, map pain points and gaps. I translate key insights into opportunities, create and test alternative approaches and help detail requirements and build a business strategy around it.

Lean & Agile

New (business) concepts need to be validated before launching. I help define critical assumptions, formulate hypotheses and carry out low-budget experiments so that you focus on what matters and not what feels comfortable.

Agile and lean often go hand-in-hand. I can support you on topics like decision-making and communication in flat hierarchies or I plan & execute team-building events, design sprints and retrospectives.

Experiential Learning

I am an advocate for learner-centered education. I love to design and facilitate creative learning spaces, in which playfulness, psychological safety and connection are as important as the content.

Case Studies

Recent Publications

This are.na channel serves as my repository for articles, book chapters etc.:


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