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Hello human, this is the online identity of
Klara Lindner

What can I do for you?

Service Design

I investigate existing services and point out problematic components. I map out future visions and design experiments to test critical assumptions.

User Research

I plan, execute, analyze and communicate user and market research. I thrive on qualitative, thick and messy data.

Entrepreneurship Education

I teach design thinking, lean start-up and other topics needed to found a business. I mentor start-ups and intrapreneurs, or design a curriculum as a whole and recruit instructors from my network.

Teamwork Facilitation

I support the building of new teams and facilitate reflective, sometimes difficult conversations in established ones.

Work Samples

To share my understanding of the services provided, I compiled four past projects into case studies:

User Research

How might we re-use and augment incoming maintenance data to improve Mobisol’s value proposition?

Entrepreneurship Education

How might Wikimedia provide the right support for early-stage innovators working on open knowledge?

Teamwork Facilitation

How might Femtec’s Innovation Lab turn into an empowering project for stipends and case contributor alike?

Recent Publications

I enjoy sharing my lessons learnt in writing. I thrive on deadlines and editors, who steer me towards what matters. I use this channel as a public repository for my articles:


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I am currently based in Berlin, Germany & soon in Javea, Spain.

Adding a little magic to your investigations.

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