Hola from the Pandemic

The moment you realize you haven’t updated your website for a year… Despite pandemic crazyness (which involved long periods of a toddler running around my desk every time I tried to get something done), I added quite a portion of new projects to my freelance experience. I am too preoccupied with other things to add…

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Hello world, I’m back

After baby Thea was born, it got a little quieter around here. But now daycare is becoming a routine, and I have started to take on a couple of bigger projects. Not too big, because I still need to finalize that PhD thesis before summer… Want to hear more? (1) We are finally doing it…

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New website!

Still a work in progress, but hopefully nicer to the eye than my outdated old website. Stay tuned!

Deutscher Artikel über meine Zusammenarbeit mit Kiron & VW

Ende letzten Jahres organisierte ich einen 2-tägigen Design Thinking Workshop für eine Gruppe von 25 Studenten, die hälftig von der Kiron Universität und der TU Berlin kamen. Es machte mir sehr viel Freude, mit diesem interdisziplinären, multi-kulturellen Mix aus jungen Leuten an zukünftigen Mobilitätskonzepten zu feilen! VW finanzierte das Ganze und hat nun eine schöne…

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The sdn German Chapter is back!

The Service Design Network is an international network of organizations & businesses working in and developing the Service Design domain. While a yearly global conference and an online platform form the basis for the network, community members stay in touch through local chapters that stretch from San Francisco to Beijing. For some reason, the German chapter…

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