Idea Conference at the TU Berlin

Team up! - my Co-Investigator Kannika and I were guiding 60+ researchers and company representatives through a cross-disciplinary collaborative ideation process at the Ideenkonferenz of the Dialog Platform - a newly established facilitator for collaborative research projects at the TU Berlin. "Digitalization and Sustainability – Win/Win or Win/Lose?" - This was the overarching theme of the conference. We facilitated several sessions that had the aim to co-creatively develop research questions and joint projects, tackling challenges from industry 4.0, circular and sharing economy to the future of workplace and sustainable food consumption. While many of the participants were quite sceptic about the uncommon format of debate at first, the ideation process we had developed before worked really well and we got the community to uncover forward-thinking research questions that connect engineering, economics and social sciences. More details (and a few appraisals for our work) are summarised in this German article.

Client: TU Berlin Date: March 2018 Services: Facilitation

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