Getting young people to participate in politics

In 2015, a consortia of experts for online and offline participation across Europe joined hands for a Horizon2020 project to increase youth participation. They came up with OPIN, a toolbox to create professional eParticipation processes from scratch. After having developed an initial version that was being tested in five pilot projects, the team started thinking about how to commercialize the platform - and that is when I came in. The next step was to synthesize what the team already knew about potential clients with what the toolbox had to offer. I used different facilitation techniques and the business model canvas to work with the team on the development of several product-service bundles for different target groups and an overall revenue model. This collaboration brought my understanding of the BMC really to another level, e.g. I got to practice how to tweak for situations, in which customer and user are different entities. And I learnt how complex participation projects really are - the poll is only one small fraction, whereas framing the research, participant activation, moderation of discussions and communication of results consume most of the resources.

Client: European Union Date: Sep 2017 Services: Co-Design

Launch Project