Hola from the Pandemic

The moment you realize you haven’t updated your website for a year…

Despite pandemic crazyness (which involved long periods of a toddler running around my desk every time I tried to get something done), I added quite a portion of new projects to my freelance experience. I am too preoccupied with other things to add these to my portfolio just now, but I thought I could at least briefly outline some of them in a blog post. Tadaaa:


I first became the sparring partner for the development of Wikimedia’s own accelerator program, and once it took off, I continued as lead coach. I very much enjoy partnering with early-stage organizations to nudge them towards their MVP within the 3-month-program: we start of with a week-long design sprint and then tailor our sessions to what the team needs most. I love most that the coaching team also became such a tight-new crew, and we got the chance to exchange and learn so much from each other during that time.

Kati Szilágyi für Wikimedia Deutschland e. V., CC BY-SA 4.0

Femtec Innovation Lab

In the STEM-Fellowship Program Femtec, I continuously support the 5-month Innovation Lab as so-called project coach. In these labs, the stipends get a challenge from one of the sponsoring tech companies. First I guide the team through a kick-off week, in which we cover the basics of product innovation (user research + synthesis, business modeling, agile work) and go through the emotional journey of forming teams and defining the project culture. I then connect with both the stipends and the company representatives in bi-weekly calls and advise and mediate where necessary.

Zoom screenshots are so boring and loaded with privacy concerns – let me put that nice picture of female collaboration instead. (Roper, F G (Lt), Public domain)

Discover Complexity

With my partners-in-crime Sebastian and Johnson, I created this new workshop format. It is geared towards design researchers and product designers working in contexts different to their own cultural background. We’ve had our slice of biased research syntheses and ill-mannered collaboration, and wanted to use this frame to share what we learned how to do it differently and kick-start further conversations.

A peek into our discover complexity workshop

Besides that, I also advised the team behind Forum Open Education on effective collaboration in virtual environments, trained gsub staff in agile practices and humanized interactions, remodeled a small offgrid hut in the forest and accidentally moved to Spain for the 5 months of Berlin lockdown.

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