Hello world, I’m back

After baby Thea was born, it got a little quieter around here. But now daycare is becoming a routine, and I have started to take on a couple of bigger projects. Not too big, because I still need to finalize that PhD thesis before summer…

Want to hear more?

(1) We are finally doing it – Kannika, Felix, Sebastian an me have initiated a research & design collective called Lovolab! While we had been working together in various combinations before, we are now joining all hands for new project work. Currently on a sense-making mission around individual mobility on Zanzibar, stay tuned for more info.

(2) Female empowerment is a dear topic of mine, and I finally get the chance to do good and get paid at the same time: I have started to coach project teams, who are part of the STEM-support program Femtec. I love to be able to apply all those valuable lessons from attending Kaospilot’s Masterclass on Facilitating Learning Spaces, and the young women are just incredibly smart, curious and unbelievably nice to be around.

(3) And lastly, I am supporting Wikimedia Deutschland e.V. (the organization behind Wikipedia, Wikidata et al.) on designing and piloting an Accelerator Program. It is geared towards teams working on solutions to get more people involved in creating and sharing open knowledge. We are aiming for an official call for proposals in April, can’t wait!

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