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I help create services that empower people. As co-founder and Customer Advocate at Mobisol, I have worked on a service ecosystem to bring renewable electricity to millions of people who live off the grid and have less than a dollar to spend per day. Today, I investigate the potential of service design in the Global South in my PhD, support organisations in research and design collaborations and teach how to make creative thinking and doing useful for processes of innovation and change.

The full story

A formal education in electrical engineering and business left me somewhat dissatisfied as I had only learnt how to come up with great solutions, but never how to find problems worth solving in the first place. A year at HPI’s School of Design Thinking got me out of this mess and turned me into an advocate for human-centered design.

I had a chance to apply this new mindset right in 2011, when I became a co-founder of Mobisol: We aimed to combine solar electricity with IoT and comprehensive customer service to provide an affordable, clean alternative to unhealthy, environmentally harmful and expensive fossil fuels. When we started the company, I was leading our user research and business design. Today we are a company of 1000+ employees across 4 timezones and my work revolves around cultivating innovation in a company suffering from growing pains.

As a certified coach, I have been teaching Service Design and Design Thinking since 2010, from half-day design sprints in a small team to month-long summerschools with 80+ participants. I also support public institutions and non-profits in designing products and services, if these are geared towards solutions for the Global South, protecting climate and environment, vitalising citizen participation or promoting arts and culture.

And, I am a researcher in the Postgraduate Program Microenergy Systems, where I investigate how service design helps to reshape the energy sector in East Africa.

My offer

Human-centered design

Human-centered design

I love to join hands and co-design with you your products or services!

Business Thinking

Business Thinking

Building Mobisol taught me a lot about starting a company, so reach out if you fancy my advocacy for your own venture.

Team Facilitation

Team Facilitation

Do you have enough of your fruitless and boring team discussions? Call me in to moderate the process!



Need support for your user research? Or someone to digest insights and write about it? I'm in!

Partners in Crime


Quick when it comes to building and testing physical + digital prototypes, perfectionist when it’s time to create final designs like journey maps or animations.


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